About Us

Our Company

KGKK Group Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2005. Headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, our sales and management team bring rich wealth of experience and knowledge in design and printing spanning more than five years. Our service included designing to high quality printing to meet individual needs. We provide a wide range of printing solutions and offer the best quality, value service from time to time and cost-effective solution on printing application.

We are one of the premier digital and offset printing store in Malaysia with lots of machinery and vast of knowledge in digital and offset printing business. By considering the market trends, we will continue to invest in upgrading our equipment to provide quality service to our clients. We will also continuously strive to develop a culture where members, customers, suppliers, and the public experience fairness and respect in their relations with the company.

Board of Director
Mr.Kenny Gan Yong Wei
Managing Director
Having 19 years of experience in printing and related industries, Mr Gan is well-experienced and expertise for quality printing to provide customers with what they actually want to achieve a more profitable business.

His philosophy is quite simple, "Customer come first"

Printing is meant to serve the people and the business world. We design and provide beautiful and impressive cards and brochures for all. Mr Gan ensure that your needs and projects are met with you at most satisfaction.

He places every project with the right equipment and team to fulfil the objective. He offers solutions that makes your jobs more efficient on press. He knows perfectly well whether job should be done diligently, tactfully or a combination a combination of both. He has a reputation of being particular. He is responsive and sensitive, and he places great emphasis on the printing industry and designing.
Our Mission
"To delight our Customers by providing them with a product and service that exceeds their expectations first come first serve."
In order to provide you, our customer with a product or service that exceeds their expectations, KGKK GROUP is dedicated to ongoing company improvement by:

Hiring and training the right people. Our goal is to ensure our people understand your needs and able to exceed your expectations in their production capabilities and customer service.

Targeting specific customer industries. It is our goal to be the best at all times. It is also our goal to focus on products and services that meet the very needs of our customers.

We will continue to be innovative. First Choice Printing has a long tradition of being innovative and seeking our opportunities to improve what we done for our customers. We will continue to strive forward and do our very best for all customers.

Constantly exceeding customer expectations. We have the goal to not just meet their expectations, but to exceed them. This is not just a slogan, but a daily goal.At KGKK GROUP we are always prepared to deliver the very best services to our customer.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to provide the best preferred printer and premier supplier in the region.
We endeavour to build a stable and compassionate working environmental for our employees who are fully dedicated to work for the benefits of the company, the society, and the customers at large.